Home Science Department

Home Science is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge. It provides Scientifically Planned courses which enables young girls to excel in areas of Health , Family Care , Community Service , Apparel Design Life spam Development and more importantly diverse Careers and profession in today’s Context . Home Science such developed discipline of study ; it does not merely limits itself to the mastery of house related skill of cooking, laundry, decoration ,stitching etc. It prepare the students not just for care of the home and family but helps them prepare them for a large variety of career both in wage employment and self employment. Main objectives of Home Science is making young girls to realize their full potentiating to become confident, responsible and to exercise their full influence in the society. With the motive in mind ,Home Science Department was established in Nakodar in 1970 with the total strength of 50.

Prof. Harjeet Kaur(Assistant Prof.)
M.Sc., B.Ed.

Prof. Parminder (Assistant Prof.)
M.Sc. (Fashion Designing)

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