Department of Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy is one of the oldest departments of Guru Nanak National College for Women Nakodar. The department of philosophy is the Community of inquiry, which includes the thoughts of Community and inquiry in relationship. At the core of that relationship are the methods by which people pass on and make meaning together. Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning matters such as existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language.
Philosophy as a subject is a sight formation in which a person reads a particular topic and gives his own view points and perceive things from his way. It enhances our ability to think ans ponder upon to which we become more aware and develop a sense of reading. It is a thinking away from science. It is infact the truth. Science is limited, but philosophy is boundless and limitless. The best thing about Philosophy is that there can be various philosophies about a particular topic and all of them can be correct in their own way. A philosopher is often regarded as a thinker. A person also develops a sense of kindness and may get influenced from one’s philosophy which can prove to be vey good.

Prof. Rama Sood

M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil. (Member of faculty of Humanities & Religious Studies) K.M.V. College (Autonomous) member of board of studies

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