Department of Mathematics

Mathematics plays an important role in accelerating the social economical and technological growth of our nation. Our Math’s department established in 2004 by Mrs Suvidha Oberoi. It has many pioneering achievements to its credit. It comprises original investigations, discussions, lectures and teachings at many levels. We are deeply committed to superior research in mathematics of our faculty is well recognized in the mathematical community. We organized seminars lectures quiz competitions to provide extra knowledge to our students. The teaching of the subject is done using smart boards which makes learning a joyful experience it makes the teacher student discussion more productive regular inter class and inter class competitions individual and group activities. The theme based assemblies are held encourage 100% participation of students. We make an effort to involve parents as a part of the team through orientations and interactions and help them see the world through the eyes of the student.

Prof. Suvidha Oberoi (Assistant Prof.)
M.Sc. (Math), M.Phil

Prof. Rajbir Kaur (Assistant Prof.)
M.Sc. (Math) B.Ed.

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