our college infrastructure

The infrastructure of a college plays a vital role in the development of the college as the students are now focusing on the labs, class rooms, etc while selecting a college. It is important that the colleges have very good infrastructure with advanced laboratories equipped with state of the art equipment etc

ICT Enabled classrooms

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education is the mode of education that use information and communications technology to support, enhance and optimize the delivery of information which improve student learning and better teaching methods. We deliver our lecture using ICT tools such as laptop,projector, speaker-enhances.It is not mandatory that classroom learning is not just restricted to textbooks, blackboard but also relevant videos, documentary , presentation and online study materials which became an integral part of the daily learning process. 

Labs & Workshops

Our college provide well equipped labs with latest technology and well maintained workshops.

Seminar Halls

Our college provides spacious seminar halls with well ventilated and well furnished. Seminar hall is fully air-conditioned and is very suitable for presentations, seminars, and international conferences. The sitting capacity of seminar hall is 200 students at a time.

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