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principal's Message

Dr. Vani Datt Sharma (Officiating Principal)

Guru Nanak National College for women, Nakodar was established in 1971 by College Council (Guru Nanak National Colleges,Nakodar) to empower the girls with qualitative & value based education. Our institution tries to inculcate Guru Nanak's teachings of selfless service to humanity and equality, social justice & respect for all irrespective of class,colour, creed, religion or gender.The spirit of college comes alive in its motto “ਬਲਿਓ ਚਿਰਾਗ ਅੰਧਾਰਿ ਮਾਹਿ” illuminous the darkness of illiteracy with the divine knowledge. Our college provides holistic education - infrastructure, faculty and opportunities - to develop potentials to explore and realize thedreams. We should always remember the basic structure of life's constants, even we adapt to the rapidly changing world of today. We don’t treat education to be a formal experience but it has to be a unique experience for every individual. Through carefully crafted interaction & activities within & outside the classroom, we generate experiences that help the students discover innate capabilities, set life-long goals & proactively work towards fulfilment. Accredited & Ranked as one of the eminent institution of the region, the college is located in the prime location.It is easily accessible and is well connected with transportation services. The college is proud of strong team of meticulously trained, dedicated, committed staff and most advanced teaching aids.
“ With warm wishes and God’s blessings”

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