Course detail

Master of Commerce (M.Com)

MC 101     Managerial Economics

MC 102      Statistical Analysis for Business

MC 103      Management  Principles and Organization Behaviour.    

MC 104      Business Environments                     

MC 105      Management Accounting and Control System.

MC   106    Seminar

MC 201   Corporate Financial Accounting and Auditing                

MC 202  Financial Management

MC 203   Research Methodology                                                      

 MC 204  Marketing Management

MC 205   Human Resource Management                                         

MC 206  Viva Vice

MC 301 : Banking and Insurance Services                                     

MC  302 : Seminar

Note: Any two of the following  groups , each having two papers.

Group A: Accounting and Finance

MC 311: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management             

MC 312: Contemporary Accounting

Group B: Business Studies

MC 321: Strategic Management                                                       

MC 322: Security Market Operations

Group C: International Business

MC 331 : International Economics Organizations           

MC 332 : Management of International Business operations

Group D: Marketing

 MC 351 : Consumer Behavior                                              

 MC 352 :Retail Management

MC -401    International Accounting                                  

 MC-402     E-Commerce

 MC- 403   Viva Vice

Note: Any of the following groups ,each having three parts .

Group A: Accounting and Finance

MC-411    International Financial Management        

MC-412   Financial Markets and Financial Services

MC-412   Corporate Tax Law and planning

Group B:  Business Studies

MC-421   Goods and Services Tax                         

MC-422  Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management.

Group C : International Business

MC-431    International Financial Markets and Foreign Exchange

MC-432    International Financial Management

MC-433   International Marketing

Group D: Marketing Management

MC-451    Advertising  and Sales Management

MC-452    Brand and Distribution Management

MC-453    Services Marketing

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